About us

About CJP Projects

CJP Projects is a new era construction company.
It means we do things differently, we do things better.

Your building, the end product, is a reflection of CJP Projects.  So we take care and attend to detail.  We value good relationships and we are always hands on.  Our business style assures you of quality, personal attention and a passion for what we do. This is why we build better. This is why we build our client’s next development, and their next…
Quality assurance as well as health and safety are imperative.
CJP Projects is registered with all the relevant construction authorities.

Our Purpose & Promise
Our mission is to deliver quality, well built developments so that our clients return to build together again and again and again.

We build well by taking care and thinking ahead. We pay attention and are hands on while making the most of our know-how and technology. Our client is always our priority.

Our Philosophy
“Without continual growth and progress words such as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning”  Benjamin Franklin.

If construction is growth then CJP Projects is built for growth. We empower our staff to grow professionally. By constructing their vision, our clients achieve their objectives. We contribute to industry progress with innovation and best practice. We improve our community through people and the environment. With every CJP Project successfully completed, we grow.

Our Vision
CJP Projects is construction for growth.

We move into the future with a well-defined focus to be a solid, diversified and innovative construction company. We will be recognised for our strong development portfolio and respected for prioritising the growth of our people, our business and our community.

Our Values

The things that are important to us define us.


As a new era construction company CJP Projects is building for the future;  we prioritise sustainability and efficiency through innovation.

We know there is no real growth without sustainability and our Green Policy ensures it.  We take full advantage of innovation to increase our competitive edge and keep our business trim.

It also means we operate smart and sharp with swift turn-around times which our clients appreciate.